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Making a Laser Answered

Hey I read something somewhere about how to make a Laser from a DVD burner. Ive seen the lasers from DragonLasers and WickedLasers and I want one, but because of the price I thought maybe it would be better to make one myself.
This is the DVD burner I intend to use:

Please reply to make ASAP with any advice on how to do this.
I am not very good at electronics or anything like that, this is the first time Ive done my own little project like this.


i heard about that too, i think

I understand that there are actually two lasers in a DVD burner - a visible-light laser for the DVD, and an IR laser to read/burn CDs. It's the DVD's laser you want, the IR laser will do you serious eye-damage and you'll never even see the flash.

Yeah I read about this a while ago, basically all the guy did was buy a diy laser pointer kit and replaced the diode with the one from the burner