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Making a Powerful Laser. Answered

Hey all,
Could anyone provide a complete beginner with tips or even a complete guide on how to make a powerful laser which could point around a mile away? Any tips are appreciated.



 I wouldn't use it in a dangerous way, as in point it at planes because as an aspiring Pilot I can see how stupid that is, but I would want it to point a mile or two away so I would probably say a 5mW laser would be fine. Do you know where I could find a guide or instructable (with circuit diagrams) to make a 5mW laser?

Thanks for your quick response,

The trouble with pointing a mile or two away is that you don't know whether or not there is someone in that direction who can be blinded by the flash.  Not just pilots.  How about truck drivers?  Car drivers?  Train operators?  Common sense.

If all you're after is something to point, it's almost certainly going to be cheaper to buy one. This is probably the kind of project that you only should really build if you want continuous duty, a stylish case, or just really want to build it yourself.

Thanks :)
I am pretty much just going to use it to point but I'd like the fun of making it myself and being able to personalize it myself and then using it while knowing exactly what's inside it (:
I'll definitely look at the instructable link you provided.

Thanks again,