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Making a bootable Disc/USB Answered

So i recently got mircoXP and i was wanting some help making a bootable USB or disc. I want to have a portable OS that doesnt have to install.... is this poosible with microXP? If so how?


Hey this sounds really cool and i might have use for it. CAn you please tell me if it worked?

Oh you silly boy, of course it is.

What you need:

A copy of Windows XP
USB flash drive with sufficient space

Get PeToUSB from here:

1. Put your Windows disc in your drive(or load an ISO).
2. Insert your USB flash.
3. Load PeToUSB
4. Configure it with your sources and destination like this:
Check the USB Removable box
Check the Enable Disk Format box
Check the Quick Format box
Check the Enable File Copy box
Check the No Overwrite box

5. Click start
6. Once it's finished remove the USB flash and insert it into your EEE PC. Set the BIOS to boot from the USB flash.
7. Watch it install!

Good Luck!

awesome. thanks for the step-by-step too :) But i was wanting to boot off the USB with MicroXP. Im not exactly wanting to use it to install. Kinda like Ubuntu's "try before you install" option on its disc. So is that possible? (NOTE: at the time of writing this reply i haven't installed the PeToUSB program yet. Sorry if it has that option. Just lemme know. Thanks)

I think I understand you. You want to boot from your jump drive, correct? In assuming so you have to install the OS on your jump drive, in which what I posted earlier will work killer. Let me know.

yep right off the drive. ill try it out and let you know what happens.