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Making a car purr- roar Answered

Well this one is not that hard you just need to take off the muffler and of course a nice engine helps. I suggest if anyone wants to win this that has basic knowledge of cars and has acces to a torch-welder and saw should do this instructable. Any other suggestions for the person who decide to take this task are what this post is for. Enjoy Duck-lemon


If you remove the muffler, since you reduce the backpressure, the engine will not run as smoothly as it did; it will not be "tuned" properly.

You will probably also be breaking local emissions regulations, since the catalytic converter is somewhere in that pipe as well. (In the UK, there are also rules about noise-levels...)

Well, most mufflers are near the end, so could be removed without much other pipe removal. Still it would not be street legal for a the noise pollution it would cause, and with the engine not running properly, would spew more pollutants into the air too. The Cat is normally up closer to the manifold. Even if one gets a set of "so called" quiet power headers, one has to retune the engine because of the backpressure issue.

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