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Making a centrifuge(?) to pump water? Answered

Am I right in thinking a system draws water through a closed, sealed fan (of sorts) which is rotated on a rod powered by a motor that then pushes the water through an outlet?
Ive never heard of an impeller or known anymore than the name of a centrifuge so have no idea, although obviously have basic theoretics devised from reading other instructables.

What I am looking to create a DIY pump for 5 litre bottles of water. First prototype, I plan to just have a dispenser where you hold a lever (as in a finger length one, as on water coolers) but then I plan to build it up with cooling and mabye building a unit where I can hook up multiple bottles for an extended, no hassle supply. Obvioulsy I intend it all to be motor powered, although If you have knowledge on a manual pump as a backup system, that would be interesting to learn about.


This may be a bit off track, but go to your local firestation and ask the guys there if they can give you any specs or info on their pumps. I don't know where you are in the world, but the pumps on our trucks are two stage centrifugal types, and we have various other types of portable pumps at our disposal, as I'm sure your firefighters do too.

Armed with a little info, you might be steered in the right direction with your own research.

Even further off the track, our officers uniforms feature impellors on their epaulettes as part of their rank insignia.

I'm in Sydney Australia. I don't understand what you mean by Spec. Ops. I am a firefighter, I am not in the military.

sry about the pm special operations ie: hazmat, dive, wildland, swiftwater, trench rescue, confined space, etc.

This idea is not good: either use gravity or mains-pressure (or CO2 pressure)


Using gravity would require me to mount the bottle and being 5 litres, it isnt exactly simple to get it to an appropriate height, and isnt scalable in later projects.
Im not using water mains so that isnt an option
Using pressure would also surely need something more sturdy than plastic tubing as well? Not that I have any idea how to do this anyway of course

You might think about going to graveyard for old cars (auto-breakers / scrappers) and extracting a screen-wash pump, if you really want pumped-delivery.


There does happen to be one a 10 minute walk away, but would that be a hygenically safe option? I mean, this is a pump that has spewed out chemicals that are toxic to ingest (de-icer being deadly). Even supposing it has never had any de-icer running through it, the cleaning fluid would no doubt taint the taste?

Washed-out it would probably be OK, but I don't think pumped-feed is such a good idea. It would give you something to "play" with though, while developing the machine.


Look to the right of this screen all will be revealed

Nothing immediate to the right actually explains the workings of a centrifuge pump, and as i said i have been browsing other instructables.
However, if you can point me to a specific one which gives me knowledge on the ineer workings, I would be appreciative.

Also, any kind of answer on my original theory could be helpful as well.

Thankyou, probably the most informative answer.

Shows you how to make it but doesnt explain the theory behind it (sure, you could say it has an implied theory but that's not really enough - it doesnt explain how it works).