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Making a cheap home made laser tag system : How? Answered

Ok guys, help me brainstorm here... there are no Laser Tag or alike projects on Instructables... how about it? Anyone up for the test? A "simple" Led/Laser Gun and a target that once hitted by the blast, sounds an alarma or flashes a light or something of sorts... what about it?


Nothing on "Instructables" maybe but the web is full of mods and systems.
Check out the laserfourms:

Specifically the DIY forum:

Systems go by various names such as 'Frag-Tag,' 'MILES-Tag' and others you just have to search hard for them.
Probably for here you'd want show conversion of a cheap airsoft or NERF gun and gun mount or body mount hit sensors.


I've got a set of water vests that work with lasers. If you get hit, it makes a noise and sprys you with water. Our very hard water plugged up that bit real quick, but the laserness has been effective, and after getting a second set so that two people could play (the vests only had detectors on the front and there were two in a set, so to have one on the front and the back, two sets were needed) I have had a lot of fun playing lasertag. Total cost around $40. For a system like you describe, you'll need an IR detector, and an IR laser. Don't try and use LEDs... it would be like those hunting games that cost a dollar and shoot crookeder than a drunk skunk with a dirty gun.