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Making a go-kart Answered

Hi, I am going to make a go-kart in my holidays. I am going to do it using the body and wheels from an old three-wheller buggy. I'm planning to have a search around scrapyards for a smallish engine. Whats the best way to get the power to the wheels? Is there a gearbox on all engines? I think I will use some disc brakes off an old bicycle or motor bike if I can find one. thanks glynlowen


I think it would be very interesting to make it pedal powered. Especially since gas is so darned expensive these days and and electrical motor would be a hassle.

cheers 4 that!

The best way to attach the motor to the wheels is with a chain with the smaller sprocket on the motor. If you can't find a motor with a gearbox you can get a centrifugal clutch for $30. You're on the right track with the brakes.