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Making a large shipping scale? Answered

I'm wanting to build a large shipping scale with capabilities of measuring up to 2400 lb's.  I'm curious if anyone has done anything like this and could give me advice.  I was thinking of combining 6-400 lb. scales with an arduino and simply displaying the sum of their weights on an LCD screen.  Do you think this would work?


Precision ? Accuracy ?

Can the scale you are thinking of using tare?
If the scales can tare, then yes 4 scales coordinated with Arduino will work, however 1 scale with a 6 to 1 leaver would be more fun.

Long lever - Adjustable known weight at one end - load at the ther standard beam balance. accurate to a few gram with care.

other than that you could modify a purchased balance with a lever system to allow larger loads to be measured.

Calibration is your big problem.

I don't know what the resolution of the 'duino system might be so cant comment there. Might work. How important is it to be right?