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Making a mini branding iron? Answered

I am considering making a mini branding iron (about 3/4" square) out of brass with my initial to brand my work.  I have some brass which I hope to transfer my initial on and then cut with a rotary tool.

First I have to transfer the pattern,and thinking of using my ink jet printer and some acetone, and then proceeding to cut away with my rotary tool.

Do anyone have any suggestions or tips?   Thanks



Best Answer 5 years ago

Many years ago I used to use a small branding logo at the company I was working for then. It was used to brand the side walls of tires. It got hot enough to melt a logo into the rubber. It was a brass block that was engraved and permanently mounted on the end of a propane torch. Just light the torch and wait a few minutes and brand away. Smelled awful, the smoke from branding tires, but worked great.

"Many" years ago? Presumably this predates OSHA :-)

Two uneducated thoughts.. One is that brass' melting point is around 900 degrees c, where iron is closer to 1200-1500 degrees c. Depending on how hot you will need it, you may want to change materials.

The branding irons I've seen are all iron flat bar that has been bent and welded to the handle. Big advantage is that there is less metal to heat (than a carved block) and the iron changes color as it heats, so you can get a rough temp estimate from the color.

All that said, the carved brass block may work fine as I haven't done anything like it before. Sounds like a cool project and best of luck!

Brass is more like 1500 and steel is more like 2500 I worked in a foundry when I was a teen.

Molding temperature for brass is 25000.

F or ferinhight people mix up melting point and molding tempter when you melt a metal it can be thick like molasses or thin like water for a mold you need thin like water.

Before considering brass I checked the melting point which is about 900c, plus I can purchase a brass custom branding iron. I only want to brand wood/leather, and hope to heat it up with a torch. I will be taking photos of the process once I start, and if it works I will post it.


5 years ago

Some one may know more about this subject.
..............  but ..................
I have always believed branding-irons were made of Iron
or Steel in modern day technology.


You are right originally they were made of iron or steel.

The reason for this is you can get the iron so hot your flesh won’t stick to the iron while being branded.

This that they is asking about is more like wood burning under 451 Fahrenheit, brass is great for that even led will work since it melts at 900.

Isn’t that funny solder is made from tin and led both melt at 900 to 1200, yet solder depending on the mix melts at 500 to 600.

If they make it so it will clip or screw into a soldering gun they can make a good branding iron for wood and leather.

So start with a soldering iron match the soldering tip to your branding iron and then shape your tip to your brand, I would suggest a brass bolt that fits the soldering iron and shape the head to your brand.