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Making a plug-in stereo a bit more portable Answered

Hey folks! Here's what I'm looking to do: Critical Mass is coming in a few days, and I think it could use some tunes to get the party bumping. I'm got a dandy bike trailer of my own creation, and a decent subwoofer-plus-two-speakers stereo system. The problem is combining the two to make mobile musical magnificence. The power brick for the stereo lists its output as 15VDC, 3A. I want to know what my options are. Could I just string 10 AA batteries together in series? What if I use a car battery? What is the tolerance for voltage variation; i.e., if I get a 13V power supply, is it likely to still work? Do I need to consider any factors besides the total voltage being supplied? Any help is greatly appreciated.


do it like the guys at graffiti research labs do it using a car battery and a power inverter! (kinda expensive though but it works best)

Hey Critical Mass (the company) was down here just a few weeks ago.

You'd get more power if you string 10 C or D cells. Also a lot more time.