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Making a robot that follow a button Answered

Greeting everyone

I was wondering what is the easiest way to link a robot to a botton. so when I press the button it will come. also can I have multiple buttons and the robot will follow the buttons each one after the other ?


IK in principle if you build a robot that follows a light (lots of stuff to do that on line.) The you get it to scan round for a light if it isn't seeing one, you can attract it by shining a flashlight at it.


Simplist one I can find. Although to make your work fully you will probably need a mictroprocessor


4 months ago

Show us the robot circuit schematic, so we may offer suggestions on how to best guide it to a button being pressed :-)

I didn't do it yet as I wanted to know if its doable or not

I would do something with infrared and encode the button id or something onto it. Getting the direction and distance would be easier then radio waves. Although distance would be still pretty difficult.

1 this is not trivial

2. IF I were to do this I would build a robot that was GPS aware. Not easy.

3 Nice idea, not going to happen.

are you sure? can't be there a wireless or Bluetooth connection between the robot and the pressed button?

I'm new to making so I'm not sure what I can or cant do

how will you detect the direction of the signal with any precision?

I didn't say it was impossible, just really really difficult.

Maze robots remember the route they take. In a room this is difficult.

If you are such a beginner I strongly suggest you start with a much simpler objective. Build a robot that moves and avoids things. There isca robot class here