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Making a stink bomb with sulphuric acid? Answered

HI there I have been told of a nasty stink bomb by mixing said acid with creosote-is this a viable proposition-if not does anyone have any safer/easier methods that will create a stink for a few hours-it is for the good of the nation. Thanks dudes-much appreciated .


so you were told to mix an acid with "creosote"? well, have you tried this yet did it work? if you do have the acid still with you i dont recomend mixing it with that stuff, its toxic in that form and logic says that making a hydrogen form of it will be even worse, perhaps were you heard it , it meant that the people will stink, after they are dead. anyway if you want a realy good stink bomb idea i gto the one for you from common house hold chemicals, or at least easily obained, and ifv tried these and they work, you will need calcium polysulfide, aka lime sulfur, used to rid roses of diseases, or a substitue can be made by mixing tomato yeast (60% sulfur) with caustic soda, now thta i think of it any sulfide will work even pyrite, now mix this sulfide with a strong aci like hydrochloric or nitric or sulfuric, those are the only that will work unfortunately. you have made hydrogen sulfide, a rotton egg smell, do not make in quantities larger than 10mls or it will kill you( i have personal expirence, i died 3 times), or pose a hazard of some kind, it stinks for hours so long as it isnt in direct sunlight (that reverts it to sulfur and hydrogen) happy stinkingXD

once i was going this experiment where i put live old yeast in a jar with some cabbage and put it in the sun and.. JEEEESUS!!! it STANK i was nearly sick when i smelt it, and the smell managed to penetrate the jar and stunk me out my bedroom, you only had to remove the lid of the jar for a second and the smell lasted for about 10 minutes EVEN OUTSIDE!!! and when i spilt a bit of the rotting juice on 1 of my clothes the smell lasted for OVER A YEAR EVEN WITH WASHING!!! it was nasty NASTY stuff but GREAT for jokes!! i did it in my school cantine and loads of people had to leave :D

Having trouble getting hold of live yeast-could I use dried yeast instead? I have some of that at home? Thanks alot dude.

That sounds cool-will have to try it-when you say old yeast -you mean it had water added to it? from the dry stuff you get at the pharmacy? Thanks alot for the feedback

no the yeast was 'live' not the dried one it comes in these blocks, the texture is a bit like hard play doh, i got it from sainsburys for breadmaking

thanks for that-will give it a go! let you know how I get on-it is to deter feral youth who congregate around my house in the summer months- a bad smell should send them away!

well i always do experiements and the yeast an cabbage were just lying around so.. it happened. once i made a corrosive when i was 7 by mixing all the food colourings!!

Whose nation? Sulferic acid is nasty stuff, I'd becarefull if I were you. An easier stink bomb would be to mix a packet of yeast in a glass jar (tight lid is a must) with water and some eggs. Add green food coloring. Leave it on a windowsill for a few days and open (or throw) it when a really unpleasent nasal sensation is desired.

"create a stink for a few hours-it is for the good of the nation"?
Get some eggs that are old enough to be surely rotten.