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Making a video game? PLEASE REPLY!!! Answered

Hi all, i want to make a video game. i want it to be kinda like gta san andreas. i have 0 models, 0 anims, a little of a plot, and an idea 4 a setting. i need to know how to code it... make an exe... catch my drift. i am going to spend LOTS of time on this. i dont want to spend money but will if absolutely nesescary. PLEASE HELP!!! Kindly, DO NOT reply if ur not gonna give me somthing helpful.



6 years ago

I decided to use UDK.


6 years ago

what about a microsoft developer kit i think its free google it and find out how good it is or bad.


Your easier options would be to mod an existing game, or start with an existing game-engine. You'll spend years and a lot of money trying to build a full game from scratch.

This is my first hit (I didn't look further), but it's got relevant information and some ideas, you should have a better idea of what's involved after a look:


I spent an hour talking to the guys that are developing Fable III in the pub tonight. It didn't sound as simple as you're making it sound.

Was that a joke or... You really know the guys making Fable?

No joke. Most of it's being done in the research park in Guildford which is near the pub I drink at after climbing. :) So I saw one of them wearing a Fable III tshirt and guessed they must have been from Lionhead.

Wow. Now what would be really cool, is if they named a character Jayfuu. :)
So you do scripting, go climbing, and then get to talk to the guys making fable. I guess you're just an awesome dude. :)

They are developing Fable lll in a pub? How can I get that job?

GameMaker (google it..) is a free (or trial is available) When I used it a few years ago, it was 2d, but I am not sure how it has progressed. Also, try Java 3D. (3D java graphics programming) It will give the best flexibility. Will

You should make this into a forum topic; a lot more people will find this and answer helpful questions.

Check out Blender

It's free software, and it's what I started having crazy dreams with. No the most user friendly stuff out there, but it's a start. Also, for non-3d games, check out the Sphere wiki.

That site should link to the download somewhere, but mainly, it's for tutorials and such about the sphere rpg engine. Note that it is only for 2d games. But it's certainly a good place to start learning some code, as it uses Javascript.

Look at that, I got so excited remembering my first endeavors in game creation, I misspelled *not. Stay away grammar nazis. Anyway, take into mind what what orksecurity said, you will be spending lots of time with this. Or you'll do what I did. Flake out. You should consider using sphere, it's a whole lot easier than some of the other stuff out there. So what if it only makes 2d games? A lot of 2d games were pretty frickin cool. Good luck.

You may or may not think this is helpful, but when you say you are going to spend LOTS of time on this -- well, let's just say that. given where you're starting from this is a huge understatement, especially if you aren't willing to spend money. Hit your local public library. There are a fair number of good books on game programming. Those will give you some of the basic concepts. But to do something on the order of GSA, even if you already know all this stuff at a much deeper level than the books will cover, you're talking about multiple man-years of effort. I'd suggest you start with a simpler game, learn concepts, learn techniques, learn just how long it takes, and then decide whether you're ready to tackle something more complicated. Lather, rinse, repeat until you have written the GTA-like game or have given up.