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Making a water heater from a soldering iron? Answered

i have got a soldering iron  of  60W, (with a damaged tip). And the main purpose of this project is to make a low power water or coffee heater with things you already have. 

Im not a tech savy, but i know that the iron has a 2 pin socket. So, if you dip it directly in water, u'll get a shock if you touch the water. Another modification is needed- the heating rod.  the rod is made of crude iron, which can easily rust, and the tip has some leftover solder, which can poison the coffee. 

can someone help in this?


If u take appart a cheepo coffee maker you'll see the heating element is tube shape and the water flows through it. One way valves on each end help push the water through it

I suppose you could just attach the hot end to a aluminium cup or something. That might spread the heat enough to warm the water without melting the cup. You might want to make a specific adaptor to get the most out of it though.