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Making a wifi powered cat 5 cable. Answered

Is that possible?



how far are the houses? You can run Cat 5 cable out the window of one to another

A block apart. I already know how to system link, but I would like to do it so we could hang out anytime, even after my parents want me home. Also, we have original Xbox's

Plug one end of your cat 5 cable into a wireless access point/router. Plug the other end into your computer. Or what were you trying to do?

ah, I haz no xbox. You might want to edit your topic to "How do I system link two xboxes in different houses?"

I'm only trying to point out that you should ask questions as specific as you can to increase the chances of getting an answer otherwise you risk getting smartypants type responses like my original one based on the fact that I had to think about what you were thinking about.

No need to apologize. Just a tip to distinguish yourself from the noobs, trolls, spammers and Darwin Award nominees. Have fun.