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Making an air well Answered

I was thinking about another fun project that draws water out of the air with just the sun's energy. I noticed the empty open vinegar bottle I washed and set to dry on my window sill accumulate more moisture every day. It was pooling water in the bottom after a week. The bottle shape is like a ball with a long spout. I read a little about air wells on the web, but they are very large structures. It would be fun to build a small one that would make a few glasses of water a day. Comments?

Here's one link Air Wells & Dew Ponds


I came across this a few weeks ago....

Water Cone

Compact and lightweight - I think they can be stacked and I'll bet you can get higher efficiency if you insulate the bottom pan :) If I were to make one, this is the design I'd try to replicate :P

1-1.7L per 24 hours. That's 4+ to 7+ glasses per day :)

Would that setup draw water out of the air? I'm not quite getting it. Maybe if the caps were left open. I think the heat build up in the bottle makes water condense during the day and slowly exhausts the hot air, then at night the bottle draws in with cool moisture laden dense air for reheating and condensing the next day.

Slaps hand to forehead... I misread what you were saying :P No, this you're supposed to pour in sour water (be it salt water or muddy water etc.) and then fresh water forms on the outer ring.

Reading more on this, I would need a pile of rocks 10' sq and 8' tall to make .5 gal at day. This might be a lost cause for now. I can't put out that kind of effort right now, but maybe someone else can.