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Making an external camera for smartphone? Answered

Hi, everyone. My smartphone's camera is really bad and i wanted to change it but when I thought about the risks i changed my mind. Then i got an idea, which is to make an external mini usb camera for my phone from another phone's camera. I searched the internet but there is no results (I found some videos where they use a webcam for this but I am no sure if it is the same thing) . So, is it even possible?


that may not be possible

Thousands of times cheaper to buy a point and shoot camera and put it in you pocket.


5 months ago

That may not be possible owing to how the millions of three or four color grouped pixels are parallel scanned, let alone the scan rate and per-processing formats used to achieve a picture that quite possibly is too fine a resolution to be adequately imaged on that "really bad" smartphone limited LCD.
After all there is no sense in making the LCD resolution any better then the camera !