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Making candy from jam? Answered


Since I'm not very proficient in food making yet, figured it would be wise to ask for advice.

Issue: I have many jars of various jams because grandparents make some every summer-autumn season, yet I only consume it once a week on my binge day and even then there's only so much of it one can eat.

Preferred solution: I intend to make some sort of candy from the jam. Most likely something jelly-gummy like, maybe dip that in chocolate/mix some nuts in or do whatever else comes to mind. Basically solidify the jam.

So how do I go about doing this? Will adding a lot of gelatine do the trick or should I reduce moisture content too? If so, how? Any other suggestions and bewares welcome too as well as other ways of using jam in bulk!




Best Answer 3 years ago

If memory serves me you have to heat it up past a certain temperature. I believe they call it cracking, its the point at which liquid syrup from sugar turns into the crystal form. There should be instructables on it. They have special candy thermometers that are marked with that special temperature.

Thanks for the links, turned out useful. I tried it the soft cracking way yesterday and it worked. My assumption that this would up the jam consumption was dead wrong however.

That said, I'm going to read up on possible recipes now since I've done some basic tests (including finger resistance to boiling jam) and work from there. Will see how it goes. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the term! Checked some 'ibles and it seems it really is so. I wonder if that also works when jam is made with that special jam sugar or whatever the thing is called in English.

I'm also not entirely sure if I want them hard, but will probably end up trying making both hard and soft ones since I have one not too sane idea related to this anyway and experience might prove useful!

Since Vyger and Kiteman seem to have the candy covered here's a few other ways to use it...

Take some jam and blend it with ice cream for a milk-shake, or yogurt for a smoothie. combine it with some plain cream cheese for a really tasty frosting. Freeze some into Ice cubes to add to fruit punch. you may even be able to make some tapioca beads with it for some home made Bubble-Tea :D

Thanks, frosting part is pretty new to me, got to try sometime. And tapioca... Well, I had to google that!

I think adding gelatine would be enough - if it can turn plain water into jelly (jello), it should turn jam pretty solid - I'd try melting the jam (maybe into a bit of water, which you later steam off), stirring in some gelatine sheets, then pouring it onto a tray covered in cling film to cool and cut.

That's pretty much what my thought process was as well. Does gelatine come in sheets in the UK?