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Making my way through 2012. Answered

Hi everyone !

Since Jan. the 1st I decided to set myself up to a little challenge by "making my way" through the year. In 2011 I was really disappointed never to seem to find the time to make enough stuff, so I decided to try to make something - even a little thing - every week. So far so good, as this has forced me to work fast and not overthink projects, and also go dig in the backburner folder to look for ideas. So far I've got :
  • Week #1 : A papercraft and duct-tape mask made after an Army of Two template ;
  • Week #2 : A hand-knit red scarf
  • Week #3 : Chess piece flash drives
  • Week #4 : Mont Black pens, an update on Kingant's original instructable
  • Week #5 : Hackerspace passports from passport-sized Muji notebooks (Instructable coming soon)
  • Week #6 : Plaster mold of my face for a harder version of the mask in Week #1
  • Week #7 : Custom Wordpress theme for my blog, based on Hamasaki theme (I had lent my Dremel to a friend, which I needed for Week #8 - see below)
  • Week #8 : Fixing and repainting a skateboard found on the street !
  • Week #9 : Foam mold of the plaster mold from Week #6 !
  • Week #10 : USB gamepad from original Xbox pad
  • Week #11 : Magnetic blackboard for appartment door (joint project with Rvaya from 5sizes2small Studio)
  • Week #12 : Home-made BookCrossing labels
  • Week #13 : Coming soon !
Have any of you ever tried anything like that ? Anyone have advice for skills to pick up along the way, or fun projects to do ?

I'll try to post as many Instructable as possible inspired by that little challenge in the meantime !



6 years ago

Even if you don't manage to write an Instructable for every project, you should at least write up a photo-ible of your projects, and update it every few projects (every time you update it, your followers will get a message to go look at it).


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks for the tip Kiteman, I'll make sure to ! Work is being a bit hectic there so I'll make sure to stick to that - should allow me to document everything so I can eventually write Instructables later.


6 years ago

THis reminds me a bit of the "thing-a-day" challenge, in which someone makes something every day for 30 days. Keep up the good work, the mask is badass! Where did you get the paper craft templates?


Reply 6 years ago

Thing a day does sound familiar - maybe a US friend of mine tried that a few years ago. Anyhoo ! I got the mask template for 4chan's /po/ (papercraft and origami) board. They usually have zips of their templates on the /rs/ board, too - sadly enough, a lot of these scratch-built templates were hosted on Megaupload...