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Making plasma in a vacuum chamber? Answered

Im having trouble generating any kind of plasma and i guess not fully understanding this.

Heres my setup:
A metal pot with a Plexiglas lid as vacuum chamber. a pressure gauge on top
A vacuum chamber
A MOT as the power supply. Dont have equipment to measure high voltage but id guess around 2KVAC as thats what i understand is standard
Two terminals about 2 inches apart inside of the chamber made from copper. one coming from the top, one from the bottom. 

I hook up the terminals , hear the nice MOT buzz, but nothing happens inside of the chamber. The mot has been tested and does work. 

Any clue or direction to point me in?


Can any one give me step by step information to create vacuum for plasma polymerization ?

thank you in advance

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4 years ago

The vacuum pressure needs to be under the 20 micron range which is beyond the Hg instrument to measure. If Hg has a reading your vacuum is not low enough !!

He should be able to see a corona in the 1" mark, but I agree 0.001" is the sort of region I'd expect.

2kV should be enough to get something, but MOTs usually output 20kV. Try making one terminal a plate, and support a wire as the other terminal above the plate.

Turn off the lights and take a look.


4 years ago

What is the vacuum pressure ?

-0.6 to -0.7 inches of mercury