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Making pointy cone-shaped nipple covers...help! Answered

Hi all! New to the board... So I am going to be fire for Halloween to complement my boyfriend's firefighter costume. I will be wearing a lot of body paint, a shelf bra, a skirt, and I will be making cone-shaped Madonna-style nipple covers (maybe I will make them horn/flame shaped I havent decided), that will point upward. I will paint flames on them that will continue on to the rest of my chest in body paint. I need your help in deciding how to make these pointy nipple pieces. I think they will be about 2 inches in diameter and be about 5 inches long. I was thinking of making them out of Polymer Clay and attaching them with Spirit Gum. They will be painted with acrylic. I am not sure if this is the best option or if spirit gum will even hold them in place. Is there a gooey-er adhesive I could use and a different material to make the cones? I am also hoping to make 3-5 smaller cones to paint flames on and attach to my arms. Any ideas? Thanks!! I appreciate all the feedback.


I'm new here, cruising old threads and must add this is the best thread so far...at least the most entertaining. I'm wondering though, how'd those nipple covers turn out?

Yes, if it works as planned, an instructible is in order! I think the "cheapo funnels" idea is great - I was thinking of using either that clay stuff (heavy) or just some regular white paper. Actulic sticks nicely to both. Now, my biggest concern is how to attach the suckers. Spirit Gum, maybe?? Is there any other kind of body glue or some kind of glue I could use ON my body? Thanks guys. You're funny on this board. I will have to come back with my other odd ideas. lol :)

Hey, Hallowe'en has been and gone - where's the Instructable?

What is Actulic? If you use a plastic funnel it is possible to use heat to soften the plastic in order to modify the shape. You could make it look less like a funnel, shape the base for a better fit, pull the tip to form a point, and/or point the tip upward. If there won't be a lot of movement, spirit gum should work. If you need to be SURE it stays on, use a prosthetic adhesive from a medical supply. Be sure to get the remover as well. Good luck!

I am also hoping to make 3-5 smaller cones to paint flames on and attach to my arms. Any ideas?

How will these be attached?

are these other cones to be wrapped around your arms then ?

There is a version of cyanoacrylate ( crazy glue ) which is used to bond skin. Check your drug store under liquid bandage. You also might also want to put some flashing red or white leds under the cones. Maybe tape some fiberoptic strings to your body.

I used CA to attach the bolts to my son's neck when he was frankenstein's monster some years back. Worked great, but took a thin layer of skin off when removed, leaving interesting "wounds." (I could have used CA remover, but I didn't think it was needed. Oops.) I wouldn't recommend it for attaching things to sensitive areas of skin!

I used CA to attach the bolts to my son's neck

I suppose drilling wasn't an option ;- )


Pat. Pending

Drilling is too much trouble. One could simply use self-tapping screws....skin is soft, and if long enough, could hold quite well ;-)

I hope you used acetone on the second bolt.

I think it was the second bolt that caused problems, perhaps on the second removal (there was the school halloween parade, and then trick-or-treating later.) The bolts were styrofoam, cut with a hot-knife; they looked really good. (Styrofoam might be a candidate for the nipple modification, too, come to think of it. VERY light, easy to carve, and generally free (any hottub or large screen TV store will probably BEG you to take away huge pieces of packing foam.)

Geez, I cringe at the thought.... It's bad enough removing spirit gum, but CA on a sensitive part of your body....


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That's an eye-catching post title! You're going full-out for an artificial (pure conic) shape, right? A heavy paper cone would keep it's shape pretty well, I think. Or possibly use some cheapo plastic funnels?

I'd go with the funnels - trim the stem off, fix them with some sort of double-sided tape (I suspect that there is a special tape for stopping plunge-line dresses exposing too much cleavage, maybe that will do the job?). You will, of course, be making an instructable about the costume...?

You will, of course, be making an instructable about the costume...? If she doesn't, I will ;-) Cheers, Pat. Pending

I'm somehow not looking forward to seeing Pat Pending's cone-shaped nipples. No offense to you Pat. :)

Sorry gyromild I am on my third prototype already, only censorship could stop me from displaying my patented Pat. Pending's protuberant pasties ;-) Cheers, Pat. Pending

Ooh! Finnally, those K'nex guns are HELPFUL! :P Or we can use one of tetranitrate's ibles -- thermite anyone?

One could go as low tech as a simple bowling ball....a 16 lb one should do.... ;-)

I came across a movie clip that showed cartoon characters with lasers embedded in the chest...it was very off color so much so that I didn't even want to watch the whole thing. So, maybe you are right, depending which way he goes with it LOL

I will definitely add an instructible. I just have to start working on the prototypes... By the way, dental putty is a bit too $$ for this project. I will probably go with cardboard/vinyl...

I'd do it for free ;) ..shame I'm in Norway tho.

Ask if Pat Pending will take you up on that :-)

Umm, dunno, funnels maybe? Once you are done, coud you post an Instructable with photos?

I looked at some funnels and they were not pointy enough. :(

Try holding the funnel over a heat source (with protective gear on) and soften the plastic so that it is somewhat malliable (like molten glass). Other plastics might work as well.

Yah! Lets see prototype pics! I know they sell the glue for attaching "wounds", perhaps you coud use that and modified (repainted) "wounds"?

Use soft dental putty! I was working at a dentists exhibition the other day and I was lucky enough to get a free pack:) It's a 2-component silicone putty that cures in just 2 minutes. Amazing stuff! A few drops of CA would be enough since the fit is spot on.

Just to clarify, would I be using the putty to MAKE the cones or to ATTACH them? Any suggestions where I can buy some? I like that idea. Is that the stuff they use when getting the shape of your teeth for braces?

Use it to make the cones. When you have perfect impressions of your nipples it would be VERY easy to fasten them with a few drops of CA. Yes it's the stuff they use when molding. It's called polyvinyl siloxane. Sorry don't know where to get that stuff other than your dentist..

I have to admit that I have never worn nipple covers; However, I would imagine that you would want them to be light to minimise any strain on the adhesive. In this case Paper Mache might be a better option than polymer clay.

I believe the correct term for these items is pasties (pase-tees), not to be confused with pasties(pass -tees) which are a traditional Cornish pastry case filled with diced meat and vegetables ;-)


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