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Making replacement pieces for an old board game? Answered

I have an old version of Labyrinth, one of the German versions published in 1994. I bought it at a thrift shop a while ago for $1and recently went back through to find that it has two of the cardboard labyrinth/pathways missing and one or two of the card pieces are missing. I have a scanner, so I could reasonably make computer images to print. The cards are similar to playing cards, maybe a little thinner. I could easily print out the missing cards on cardstock and use modgepodge to seal them, but I'm worried that the homemade ones would give them away, as each player gets a stack of the cards (which have "treasures" they have to collect on the board) and whoever ends up with the homemade ones might be dealt an unfair advantage.

Any ideas? The cards are the biggest issue; the cardboard pieces really just need to be the right size. They don't have to be secret.

Any help would be great!


Remake all the card on the computer so they all look the same. Gives you an opportunity to re-imagine them a bit and make them your own.

The cards have to match the image on the tiles, so I could make a new batch of homemade cards but I wouldn't really be able to reimagine them.

Remake the entire thing, tweaking parts to match the friends & family who will be playing with you, like replace that dragon with the family dog.