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Making rust for thermite. Answered

I can not seem to find any pure iron oxide for sale in my area; however I did find a product which contains iron oxide which I was going to try extracting. I found a website that lists all the ingredients of the product. http://agr.wa.gov/pestFert/Fertilizers/FertDB/prodinfo.asp?pname=4486 there is 2 parts per million of arsenic and 1 of mercury. I know this is very small but should I be worried about any negative side affects if I handle this stuff to much?


have a look for cement colouring oxides such as diggers oxides, i just searched for ity as im making thermite AND DISCOVERD, ALTHOUGH IT NEVER SAYS ON THE CONTAINER, THAT DIGGERS OXIDE -RED and firered are made up of iron oxide (|||) , which is what thermite needs as anoxeygen source, but make sure you look at the msds sheet as it is usualy the only place it will say .

cement couring oxides are avalibible at all hardwear stores that sell cement, just be sure to look at the msds sheet before buying, and i mean it, usualy they contain 100% iron oxide (|||) , but i found that alot also contain cyanide based pigments, so watch out and know your facts

p.s burning steel wool will only give black iron oxide or Fe2O+FeO not FeO3 which is neccesary its better though to just leave in water, required that it is in contact with a pice of copper at the time, a 1c coin will do

I just tried my thermite and got a big fat nothing. For my aluminum I used cast aluminum drill filings, and melted a steel wool pad. Any idea what I could have done wrong?

Its all about surface area. you need to have very finely ground powder of both substances. Drill filling are probably a bit to big. I'm afraid I don't have any ideas off the top of my head for making finer shavings though... Same with the steel wool, start with the finest grade steel wool you can get (#0000, I believe), and after burning it (it must burn, not melt) grind up the resulting powder as fine as possible.

Yea, my alluminum filings were a bit to large. I ground up what was left of my filings and had a better result.

Burn some steel wool... Cheap and effective, also easy I wouldn't worry too much about those figures but then again I'm not good at worrying, handling them would be safe, the fumes from the smoke probably would but since I'm not sure about the concentrations that are dangerous I would do it outside anyway...

How much rust can I get from burning one pad of steel wool, and won't it just melt?

it burns because its really fine strands, hence tetranitrates firewire instructable I think is makes a reasonable amount, it makes the powder rust very fine aswell and dehydrated, the way you want it so it's iron oxide.

So should I try to dissolve this fertilizer I bought at the store or should I just return it?

I would give up on the fertilizer. It would not be worth the time and effort necessary to extract the iron. Especially when you can just burn steel wool, which will give almost pure iron oxide.