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Making the battery hand gun safer? Answered

Okay, so I guess we can all agree that the battery hand gun is dangerous, so this is my plan to make it safer. I'm not sure if it would work though.Any ideas? I would put the pipe #1(original) into a bigger pipe (#2) and then fill the gap with clay to act as a "shock absorber".In theory, the clay would absorb some of the shock, and IF it did explode, the smaller pipe will fly out of the bigger pipe instead.Therfore, it would reduce the chance of the pipe exploding in your hand. What do you think?


What if I made the first pipe removeable so I can check it every after use?

The whole thing is hazardous. Clay won't absorb shock, but a stronger barrel is less likely to burst. Firing things through doors is still a bit dangerous though...

So I guess I will just take the steel pipe and put it into the bigger pipe then.

anything around the barrel makes it less likely that you will see signs that it's failing (cracks, bulging, temper lines-discoloration caused by heat, rust/corrosion, ect) makes it more dangerous. that said, you could wrap the barrel with iron wire if you can't find a tightly nesting set of pipes. or learn to cast aluminum and cast an aluminum shell around a steel liner.

I would suggest putting this in the original instructable.