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Making water cooled shoes need some advice about thin copper tube fittings. Answered

Essentially i want to make water cooled shoes from some of the spares i have from my old pc water-cooling set up. 

I want to run some thin copper tubing around the shoe which will connect to the some metal fittings that will then connect to my rubber tubing and then to the pump and the radiator.

Now i know about the fittings that are available for the regular copper tubing that runs in houses but this tubing will be around 4mm and im not sure how to connect this tubing to my metal fittings which are about 3/8th of an inch i believe. 

I was thinking to just use some epoxy putty or something but im sure there are better ways to do this. so any ideas? 
im sure fittings are available but i dont know what they're called i couldn't get anything with a quick google search. 

Edit: i didn't realise response here would be so thoughtful and all. I dont want to be able to walk around in these i just want to sit in my room and be comfortable. The heat difference probably wouldn't be too large between my feet and the air for a huge transfer so i also had thought to add a small water bath with a second small radiator init. 

The copper tubing doesnt have to be directly under my feet i realise they'd probably be crushed otherwise. but the heat conduction through them must be so much better then the plastic tubing. 


i would not use copper tubes. you need flexible tubes. Then you need something that can transfer heat. You want the heat created, transported to the Liquid. not sure how i would do that. The flow of water, should be done by a foot pump embedded in the sole. This would also create some damping as you walk, but it must be a really good one.

Another possibility, would be to have cooler air pumped in to the shoe by the same pump action. This would probably help keeping Your feet dry as well.

Don't think you've fully thought this idea through. What are you trying to cool. The temp difference between what your foot generates and the outside air isn't large enough to make a difference. Also any tubes of water you have running through the shoe will severely restrict the movement of the shoe. The constant flexing and moving of the tube will cause it to leak rather quickly. So i don't see any situation where this would be helpful.

Not to mention... Where will the radiator, pump and reservoir go? Isn't the added weight going to be a problem?

If you are using a PC water cooler and it's small rubber tubes then you should also use the proper fittings. Look up water cooling fittings. The pressure fit onto the tubing.

So these thin copper tubes how would i join these to my 3/8th size fittings ? where do i look for fittings for these. i know about the types of fittings for pc watercooling things.

Oh no i dont even wanna be able to walk around in these things i just wanna be comfortable sitting here in my room. Also yeah i thought the temp diff probs wont be much so I thought of making an aditional rad and submerging it in ice water water if needed.

Copper would be a great thing to prevent smelly feet but to use it as a cooling system in shoes...

You need the cushioning comfort of the insole so the copper has be under this as part of the inner shoe.

Using anything as "flexible" as copper will result in a shoe like these Dutch wooden shoes ;)


The above link is a patent on a cooling system...

Proper insulation and the ability to breathe will be more effictive than to carry a few hundret grams extra on each foot - plus the water support and pumping system.

flex plastic tubing seems better suited to this. copper will either be too stiff, or will fatigue, crimp, break (i think) Barb fittings are typically used to link metal plumbing to plastic.


I would never use copper tubing if it was going to be constantly flexing.

if you Want cooper tubing in your sure sweat soder the connections but I don't see it being very confortable