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Making your own Heelys or similar Answered

I am quite annoyed after finding out that they don't make heelys in my size, I am a UK size 13, so would need size 14 heelys, (us size 15 i think). so i figure it would be interesting to try to make my own... anyone ever done this? or feel like writing a tutorial on it? thanks in advance!



9 years ago

yo whats crackin im thinking of making my own pare of heelys similar to your own situation they do make my size but i CBF buying them. i have a spare pare of chinese copy shoes which i am trying to transform into them copy brand heelys (heelies) the ones with the retractable wheel so there is no fudge packing around when it comes to running and rolling. i have been asking a couple of the people who sell them if they have pictures or diagrams of the exploded view of the mechanism inside the shoes so i can copy that and put it in my shoe. i already have an old pair of heely wheels from my brothers old pair which fell apart majorly ( he wore them 2 years straight nothing else day in day out). if i do pull this off i will put it as an instructable


10 years ago

Well you can buy a little thing that makes shoes into heelies, why in gods name do you want them, I borrowed a pair of 9's and jammed myself in to them, they're not that fun... after ten minutes it wears off, that and they're awful for your back and feet apparently, on the upside they're flexible enough, considering I'm an 11 or 12...