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Malware Advert? Answered

I was browsing I'bles today, when i happened across this 'advert'. I had just clicked on my 'you' link at the top of the page, and had moved my cursor down to click on 'discussions'. Im guessing the header advert had a roll over link, that recognizes moving your cursor over the advert as a 'click'. You can see the details of the 'advert'. I did not click any of the links, i just clicked the reload button to get back to my 'you' page.


A quick google show that this is safari;s anti-phishing filter and lots of people across various sites are getting it. Since google safe browsing page shows that parkneed has only acted as an intermediary, it seems like the filter is too strict.

Aha, i guess i should have googled it, i've recently started using the safari 4 beta.

I get a similar warning from chrome sometimes on my you page and on other sites I know for a fact are perfectly safe. Just a trigger happy filter.

But it's a Mac, very few malware attacks Macs, although the Newton Virus is funny.