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Malware Mobile Ads Answered

The mobile site for Instructables has been presenting rather unpleasant popup advertising. This twitter thread captures it rather well: https://twitter.com/winkleink/status/897077681443024899

Attempting to close these, or go back, results in more pop-up. The instructables content cannot actually be got to.
It's not that users don't appreciate the need for ads. advertising maker sites - places for buying stuff, perfectly cool, and likely to get attention. Pop ups like this really make makers not want to avoid Instructables on phones.

Seen on both Android and IOS.


I'm getting these like crazy on my mobile devices as well. I'm fairly new to using my cell with this site, as I tend to use it only with my desktops. Seems I'll stick to desktops and not read when i'm out and about, as the last 'popup' claimed that my phone had a virus and wouldn't let me close out of the browser. Had to force close it. Which is a pain.

There's really no need for this kind of advertisement. I will be running adblock on this site for now on. I'm truly sorry.

Hi Danny,

I passed this topic to the site's ad person for a closer look, and I sent you a PM with some follow up info as well. Thank you for the report!!

Sam (seamster)

Instructables Community Manager

Any follow up here? I’m still getting the issue and will likely unsubscribe from emails since I haven’t been able to read actual content in months.

I get these all the time as well. Would love to be able to use the site from my phone.