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Malware from http://www.scroogle.org/cgi-bin/scraper.htm in Instructables comment? Answered

PMbeartoe 's comment(Jul 28, 2011. 8:30) on Solar Hot Air Balloon Message-in-a-Bottle instructable referred to http://www.scroogle.org/cgi-bin/scraper.htm
I used it for a search.  Shortly afterwards my wife use google. The google results page would not scroll. and also a google security update was suggested. I accepted the update and Microsoft Security Essentials immediately warned of malware and cleaned the just installed files from the downloads folder. A scan was advised and actioned.  Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.EW (Aliases: Suspect-AC!E30DD121029B (McAfee)    WORM_PUSHBOT.SMA (Trend Micro)    Trojan.Win32.Swisyn.ajmj (Kaspersky) )
had been detected in  ...\Downloads\Google_Security_Update9.2b.exe
Can any one advise if the malware came with scroogle?


"A google security update" -- There is no such thing. NEVER accept a "security update" which appears on a website; it is always an attempt to convince you to install malware.

Now, as to why you got that bogus warning while you were trying to use Google... take that up with Google?

Scroogle appears to be a Google anonymizer of some sort. Frankly, unless you have a Good Reason to need to anonymize your websearches, I wouldn't touch it. It may be legit, but why risk it?

I cannot attest to the safety or lack thereof of any Google anonymizer, but I can certainly see why someone would wish to risk it - Google delivers the best results hands-down, but they have such an...inclusive...information-gathering policy that it raises serious privacy concerns to many.

I can understand that position, which is part of why I don't use most of Google's other services and why I have multiple online identities.

But that raises the question, as we say, of whether the anonymizer is any more trustworthy and/or adequately secure.

If you're going to do that, CHECK IT OUT BEFORE YOU START USING IT. Otherwise you're probably increasing your risk rather than decreasing it.

Thankyou for those answers. I learnt something here!