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Mamod Steam Coal burner? Answered


I would like to make my mamod steam engine 'sp2' burn coal rather than solid fuel or meths.
can anyone advise me on what is required to do this or if it is even posable? thanks 


Oooo Small scale coal is really difficult to do. Getting it to burn hot enough and or evenly is hard and you need a surprisingly large amount of crushed coal.

There is a really good reason why Mammond use either alcohol or solid fuels.

Use "smokeless fuel" or coke instead, or you'll ruin it.

You'd need a "grate" of sorts, and small coal.
I'd start by crushing coal to pieces the size of peas, and try to get a fire going outside the firebox, then add some in when it's got going (to hot coals past the yellow flames).
You'll have trouble with the size of the thing, but have a go at it!


Coal is a very dirty fuel by comparison with the ones it's designed for. You're going to wind up having to figure out how to keep that from gumming up your heat exchanger and ruining your efficiency.