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Man Crashes SUV Through Local Building. Answered

This is huge news, a man crashed into a building right in the middle of town at over 75 mph. It is probably hard to understand it's importance if you are unfamiliar to Gig Harbor, but I've walked past that building and driven down that road thousands of times. The building used to be a restaurant, but the owners sold it and it became a fitness gym. It's right at the heart of Gig Harbor, basically.

GIG HARBOR, Wash. - An SUV crashed into the 1-2-3 Fit gym at Pioneer Way and Harborview Drive early Wednesday, killing the driver.

Witnesses said the driver was traveling at about 75 mph when the vehicle crashed into the building at about 6:30 a.m.

The SUV came to rest on a desk.

The 26-year-old driver, who was not wearing a seat belt, was killed instantly.

Four or five people on exercise equipment narrowly escaped injury. Gym member Ryan Ryan was doing push-ups at the time of the crash.

"The odd part about this is there was no attempt to miss the building, no attempt to brake, and the vehicle speed was three-four times the speed limit," said Ed Troyer of the Pierce County Sheriff's Dept.

Link and Video.

I know it's a few days old. I was unable to post a topic earlier because of homework.


this actually made me think of a line from an old rap song from the ninetys..... "i drink away the pain, like i was an alcoholic, an crash into a tree, like my name was jaksonpolic, oh liven up the seas till i cant get no liva, an rap for spots an princess an driva.........." so on, it was pretty tight, but it had like 20 swear words in it, so i wont bother posting a link, or recite the whole song..............

:O Wow. I think I heard about that. I would have been scared soooo bad if I had been there when that happened. It seems like people haven't been driving very well lately... Some guy crashed his car into a tree and I think another person hit someone with their car, another guy drove his car into a ditch, and that was only in the past two weeks.

And because of all this crazy driving, the license age has moved from sixteen to seventeen. :(

wtf? damn, what they should do is just outlaw drinking to everyone who owns a license and revoke offender's licenses

Do you know what happened the last time they banned drinking?

Um... I guess, but what did the bootlegged alcohol cause?

No, Splint's been correct on every question so far. Prohibition was the seed that started mobsters, and organized crime..

I was talking about the blindness and death and other things caused by bad bootlegged whiskey. I did not know about the birth of organized crime.

This is because it is common for methanol to end up mixed into the batch:

Extracorporeal treatments have an important role in the management of several types of poisonings and drug overdosage. Methanol poisoning is a major problem in large parts of the developing world, especially among the economically depressed, and is responsible for innumerable deaths annually. Poisoning occurs when methanol, a contaminant of bootlegged alcohol, is consumed unknowingly. Toxicity is related to formaldehyde and formic acid formed as a result of methanol metabolism, and presents as metabolic acidosis, visual impairment, neurological manifestations, and shock. Initial symptoms are nonspecific and masked by the inebriating effect of ethanol. Appropriate management requires immediate administration of ethanol, which competitively inhibits methanol metabolism and prevents the generation of toxic formic acid and hemodialysis to achieve expeditious clearance of methanol and formic acid. Fomepizole, a safer metabolic inhibitor, has largely replaced ethanol in the western world. Delay in seeking medical attention contributes to mortality and morbidity. We report on a patient who presented to us 8 hr after consumption of countrymade alcohol with symptoms of methanol poisoning. Prompt administration of ethanol and institution of hemodialysis resulted in complete reversal of all manifestations.

I'm almost positive bootlegged alcohol made you go blind.. I can see just fine. :D

Hahaha, that site is cool!

I am only 14 and I don't live in the east/middle states.

here it is eighteen,twenty for some vehicle types like trucks


Luckily for me, the law comes into effect the day after my birthday. I will be one of the last sixteen year olds to receive a license. I just took my written test; I only missed one question.

eh.i have to wait 8 years before licence

I thought it would take longer for that law to go into effect :(

I know, it sucks. I swear my generation is cursed, we always get the "prototype tests", new laws or rules, or general changes for the worst. Everyone I've talked to agrees.

It seems like whenever I'm looking forward to something it gets changed. Like driving, and how now we don't have homeroom at our school. I never really liked homeroom but I was able to at least do some of my homework in it... And at our school now the juniors don't get to go off campus for lunch even though that doesn't exactly effect me because I'm not a junior and I don't care how long the line for lunch is because I don't eat the schools lunch... Anyway yeah I wish they wouldn't make new laws and stuff that changes everything for the worse. I think I heard that there were some colleges that wanted the drinking age to be lowered to 18 but if they lowered the drinking age and raised the driving age there would probably be a lot more car accidents because people would figure that 17 wasn't too underage to drink and then they'd go drink and drive.

Yeah that makes me so mad, I was looking forward so much to driving.

Everyone does.. I'll have my license in December... :P

Lucky! I'll be taking drivers ed in January :D

Ooo, don't you feel special. :P I had that class last year. :D

Not really :P My dad still hasn't let me drive his truck on the beach....

"The odd part about this is there was no attempt to miss the building, no attempt to brake, and the vehicle speed was three-four times the speed limit," said Ed Troyer of the Pierce County Sheriff's Dept.

Sounds like vehicular suicide to me. Poor kid.


9 years ago

Wear your seatbelt, guys. It will save your life.

"Winter Garden woman returned home to find a sport utility vehicle and two dead bodies in her backyard swimming pool."

That's a pleasant surprise.

holding multiple pillows and/or bubble wrap helps too

Shees, that is crazy!!

I know, I just wish I was there to see it. It happened when I was heading to school.

i heard of a similar incident somewhere, i dont know where? the car crashed into a table, and the man sitting in it was hardly hurt, just a cut.....