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Man Fights for Right to Dress as Bigfoot Answered

NH artist protests halt to Bigfoot project


Jan 5, 9:42 PM EST

JAFFREY, N.H. (AP) -- A New Hampshire artist and videographer who dressed as Bigfoot in a state park says his rights were trampled by big government.

Jonathan Doyle, of Keene, has complained in a letter to the state parks department that a Mount Monadnock park ranger halted his performance art project in the fall because he didn't have a permit.

Doyle is arguing through the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union Foundation that his free-speech rights were violated when he was expelled from the state park in Jaffrey. He says he and others with him, some also in costume, were on a lesser-used trail and weren't bothering other park visitors.

Doyle says the state hasn't responded to his letter. The Division of Parks and Recreation says it has been forwarded to the state attorney general's office.


The question is:  Would you be able to resist the temptation to jump out from behind trees and scare park visitors if you were dressed up as Bigfoot? 

I'm not sure that I could should I ever find myself in that rather unlikely situation.


i could never resist the temptation. i would jump out scaring adults and send it all in to afv and rake in the cash.

Dressed as Bigfoot , out in the woods?!  The ranger saved someones life-  somebody would have gotten shot for the sake of reality television and YouTube! 

Now that would be reality TV actually woth watching!


8 years ago

How does the song go: 
You've gotta fight.....  For your right........ to raaawwwwwrrrrrrrg!

Sorry, couldn't resist :->

He wasn't one of those "Furries" with a lame-excuse then?


I could have gone my whole entire life without the image of people dressed as Bigfoot making porno in state parks.

I hadn't imagined he was shooting a film, thanks for knocking that idea up a notch...


The article said he was a videographer.  Maybe they were making a sequel to Harry and the Hendersons?
Why did you have to say that?  Bigfoot dressed as a cheerleader and strapped to the roof of a station wagon...  Horrible!! 

That mental image is not going to leave me for a good long while.

I would rather dress as Nessy, but I'd need diving lessons.

I think the Nessy imposters generally use snorkeling equipment and rafts, or you could dress up as Swamp Thing and potentially avoid rafts/snorkeling/diving all together.

i don't know about the laws in new hampshire....but in most state and federally protected parks you have to have a permit for stuff like this. art exhibitions, motion picture filming, weddings, etc... if he didn't have a permit then they had the right to kick him out...or at least put a halt to the filming and what not.

Very true.  The park ranger kicked him because he didn't have a permit.
I think it is a felony to dress up as and pass one's self off as any kind of celebratty....soooooo   LOL 
PS:  I misspelled celebrity on purpose... ;-)

The real disadvantage to this is, who ever shoot him, will need to skin him twice.

Oh, if I had the time (and the costume), I'd be there like a shot - rawwwggg!