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Man builds amazing 1:40 scale LEGO Battleship + VIDEO !! Answered

A Japanese man called Jun Brick has finished building a 1:40 scale replica model of the Japanese battleship "Yamato" .. out of LEGO

Over 100,000 LEGO bricks were used in the construction !

Back in 2007 Jun Brick posted photos showing the construction so i can only assume it took over 3 years to build.

Photos of the construction and loads of the finished ship can be found on his Geo Cities page
(Which is in Japanese so i cant read it :S)

Below are a selection of the most impressive photos.

Video is not all still images, it has some great panoramic views and walkarounds

Via Wired


This ship does NOT float. It has sections that are NOT connected, it just looks like it. The ship has no bottom either, [ literally ].

Dude, I'm a huge battleship fan. I actually build this stuff out of Legos.

DUDE THAT THING IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And smiling is the video version has been uploaded on Youtube.

That is HUGE and AMAZING! btw, i saw somewhere on youtube that some german guy made a battle ship about the same size as this one, but it can also float in water...

that's so dam cool sorry i got to gif 2 you just redirected info. But still nice extra info but 1 wrong detail you say "Over 100,000 LEGO bricks were used in the construction" while you watch the video you read that it were 200.000 bricks

I like all of the Army lego men.

"Army" can also refer to a large group of armed men, like in this case.

Yes, indeed. It refers to a large group of properly organized (chain of command) armed people engaged in a conflict on land. Boats, if I recall correctly, engage in armed conflict on the water, and they have a special word reserved for them, and for the large group of organized armed people which occupy and run those boats.

I like that they are all (a) wearing Confederate Army caps, and (b) appear to be carrying cameras around their necks.

Those appear to be Star Wars Imperial officers, the "camera" is their belt buckle, and the confederate cap is the standard officers cap for these figures.

Sometimes, I cry when I think of all the time that I and so many others have wasted building lego.

wasting time and lego can NEVER be used in the same sentence !

1 question: Does it float?

how much it cost in $ or £ ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

The lego men are the right colour

damn, that should be a set!!!!!!!!!!!!

imagine how much it would cost !! lol

And imagine the time you need to build it!

I think a guy like me would have done this in 2-6 months. (I have about 7 years of lego experience)

this guy builds lego all the time, have you seen his site, he makes amazing things, this took him 3 years to build so if you cancel out the designing part i think its still a good 2 years of work, no way it could be done in 6 months

correction : it took him 6 years

So does this guy, unless he has many other things to do for himself...

well, i meant he didnt use instructions. If this was a set, it would come with instructions.

This is wicked... Forgive me if I'm wrong but is the crew not in Imperial dress?

on the youtube vid on the site it says it took six years and four months to build