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Many questions about multi-stage coilguns. Answered

 May this be a big help for me and others who may stumble upon it.

1. I am controlling my coilgun with a PIC (PIC16F627A). What do I need to do in order to make it trigger SCRs?

2. What sort of external components do I need for the PIC (I'm sort of a newbie to electrical engineering)?

3. Regarding the actual coils, I am going to have 6 stages. How should the individual coils be made for maximum efficiency (I have heard that each successive stage should have less inductance, but I don't know exactly how this works)?

4. How does one go about slotting a metallic (brass) barrel while allowing optogates to work?

5. How exactly do you hook up the optogates to the microcontroller and to power sources?

Any help on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated.


It sounds to me like you've seen one of these somewhere already - can you point us to it/them?


The only resource I've found is:
But it does not answer all of my questions.

If you're asking these questions, you really could do with finding a simpler project to start with.


 I have already finished a simple one-stage coilgun. Now I'm just going to the next level, but there were some things I couldn't find out how to do...

There are several different type of coil gun, which type are you aiming to make ? 

can u give me ur msn email address so i can find u easily~because i am doing about multi-stage coilgun.

 A 6-stage reluctance coilgun that's optically triggered. I may make it semi-automatic if I have the resources. So far I know it's going to have 940uF 400V per stage and the barrel is a thin-walled brass tube. Coils are using 20 AWG magnet wire.

can u teach me what component i need to make a multi-stage coil gun..can u please list down?? ^^