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Marbles in a funnel? Answered

Does anyone remember the museum piece that described angular momentum or some such thing? It looked like a large wooden funnel with marbles that were augered up from below and let loose to roll around and down, spinning up the lower they got? Has anyone made a home version of this? Can something like this be made into a coffee table?


Its just a large funnel. You can easily turn something like that into a glass top table. I see tables like that all the time at various malls. Rather then marbles you drop in coins and watch then spin round.

right, that's exactly what I'm looking for but I can't find them for sale or in blueprints.

There's noting to it. Just make a large funnel the size you want the table to be. Don't make it like a regular kitchen funnel. You will want it to have a sloping curve downward. Just make sure the bottom is about twice the diameter of the balls you want to use and you leave enough clearance for the ball and return mechanism to work.