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March is Craft Month. How does a month get a special designation? Answered

Is there a government office in charge of approving and denying special themes for months? Who is in charge here? Is March Craft month just because someone repeated "march is craft month" until it became true?


Often days are turned into a (insert word) day, due to a birthday / deathday of a certain person or thing.

There are different non-government orginazations that can pick a month that doesnt have a special designation there are other months with other special designations

WoaH, WoaH WoaH!! March is Craft Month??? :s I could of sworn April was Craft Month....

Special "months", "days" and even "years" are declared by anybody who wants to. The various producer organisations in the UK (The Egg Council, The Potato Council etc) frequently declare national weeks. Instructables has declared 2009 to be a Green Year. The impact of the day is down to advertising budgets and word of mouth. Next Friday is Comic Relief Red Nose Day, which affects whole nations, and has a huge impact on the country. Yet the first event was just a few hours in a single theatre.

I declare March 5th Kiteman Day! (or do we already have one of those, and are you having a party)

I was careful to say "For Instructables, 2009 is a green year." Others are encouraged to participate, but I see it as subtly different; it's our theme for the year, not the year's theme.

. It is quite common for US legislative bodies, from city to federal, to pass resolutions declaring a day (week/month/...) is Some Person or Some Cause Day. AFAIK, no special privileges are bestowed, just bragging rights. Similar to getting the key to the city. I assume it's the same in most places. . As others have pointed out, for the most part, it's just some group that is trying to publicize their cause.

Basically anyone can do it just make an event page on facebook and get your friends to join :D "A lie told often enough becomes truth" Vladimir Lenin.

"Months" (and "weeks and "days") are announced by various organisations, how official they are depends upon your regard for the organisation declaring the month. I am not aware of any government department or ministry with responsibility for this area, so I would say "no" to your first question. And to your second "yes" L