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Marking photosensitive film Answered

Can I use scratch pads and permanent marker pens to place hole pads and make traces on a photosensitive film? Can I use UV lamps?



5 months ago

You can use UV lamps for the photoresist on the treated or precoated pcb, if you go that route. I had an old sun lamp that worked well.

Photosensitive film isn't a necessity. I used to make the films with a laser printer, on laser transparency film (usually sandwiched two layers together for more opacity).

Even that's not necessary -- you can actually place adhesive pads and traces directly on an uncoated PCB. For one-offs, of course.

You can mark the PCB with a resist pen and do it all by hand.
You can coat the surface in some kind of resist and scratch through it.

I don't think there is any point in using UV film unless you used it as designed.

Usually the film is stuck to the PCB, and exposed to UV light through a stencil.