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Marshmallow Gun - The Best of Instructables Book Draft Answered

Check out this draft of how the Marshmallow Gun will look in The Best of Instructables Book. We're getting up early and staying up late to make this happen by Austin Maker Faire!

More soon...

See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.


That's pretty sweet. I'd have imagined the URL of the original write-up to be in a header/footer, but having it in the text body works just as well IMO. Is every project limited to a number of pages?

This was an early piece, with the URL in the text. We have since moved it to the footer, a la The Best of MAKE. There are no limits to page lengths, although long, complicated projects, with lots of steps and photos have been kept to a minimum.

I would assume that longer projects could end up in future volumes, depending on the response to this first volume?

Definitely. We *do* have some long projects in the book. As with The Best of MAKE, we tried to strike a balance of projects, from ones you can do in a few minutes to ones you might spend a weekend on. We didn't want to do too many long-form projects because they take up so much real estate that might accommodate a number of smaller projects. We spend a lot of time futzing with this mix, trying to get it right.

It's also been a learning process figuring out how to go from web how-tos (where you can have lots of images, video, slideshows to get your idea across) to print how-tos, where space is at a premium.

Awesome! I don't think the goatee was your best look...

>4. Test your shotter.? Yeah, these are UNCORRECTED proofs, so there'll be a lot of that, but don't be afraid to post these rooted out mistakes, in case we miss 'em.

I'd assumed they were uncorrected, but I couldn't help myself. Especially when I thought "what if that makes it to print and I never said anything?"