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Marshmallow Topping Answered

What's a good marshmallow topping? How do you eat Your 'mallows?


I cover mine in tobasco sauce, but a needle with a string in it to let it hang and to let the tobasco sauce dry. I then melt some lolliepops and dunkt the marshmallow in that and then I eat it,

I once jammed two electrodes in one and plugged it into the mains. That was fun. I lke 'em over a wood fire... torch 'em, blow out the fire, remove and eat crust, then toast the remainder to golden-brown.


10 years ago

Burnt in fire always works. =)

True. But what sort of fire? Bonfire? Blowtorch?

hard question, I think Blowtorch and bonfire fire work the best. =P

A fan heater works alright, as does a rotisserie grill... The best one is blowing fire at them, though a little fuelly in flavour...

Yep, kinda weird tasting, not unlike the first draw of a cigarette from a freshly fuelled zippo...

I wouldn't know. Is it anything like a paraffin-doused bonfire?

Indeed... Except not quite as bitter... I camp a lot and smoke a lot, I know the difference between paraffin and naphtha, naphtha's not as nasty but paraffin isn't too bad for you, neither is kerosene, a cup a day keeps worms away..

Heated over a nice fire, or in the case of no fires try a butane torch, heat from far away to melt the core then sear the outside a nice toast colour... For extra points dip in chocolate...

Stuff to put on the mallows?? Or are you talking about Fluff, because that stuff is like crack when you mix it with cream cheese and serve it up with some fruit.. (( I know how bad it is for you, but it tastes so dam good .. )) Other wise it's mallows over the fire with either Caralines (( like Baileys )) or Amaretto and you just dip it in and enjoy...

It can be topping, it can be how you eat it. It's basically just to make marshmallows taste better

If they don't taste better with Baileys you just haven't had enough, Baileys that is ..

Nothing tastes bad with enough baileys... Though I do hate that sour milkey aftertaste you get the odd time, noticably lessened by drinking irish meadows, a bigger cheaper, stronger drink for about half the price, in my opinion it's nicer...


10 years ago

I personally like s'mores, but instead of just chocolate, I use Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Yup. Choco's good all right.....