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Martin Luther King Day Answered

How can I have nearly forgotten?!?!
Today is Martin Luther King Day.
I would like for all of us to remember this great man, and his work. The world is a better place because of him, for that I salute him.

Umm, I'm not the best at this sort of stuff, so... I propose a toast to Dr. Martin Luther King!



this is it


a sad pic of him

... and we had to go to school today. *shakes head* Aye, he was a noble man, indeed, and the world has been forever changed because of his work.

I would sued my school district if they made me go to school today. Then again I'm out of there jurisdiction anyway...

PA doesn't really even recognize MLK day. I didn't have to school because of an "inservice" day

I guess they only crack down on us in the south LOL.

Quote from the Simpsons: "Martin Luther King Day: Today we remember, tomarrow we forget"

Man I'm bad at this... Drink up me harties yoho!