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Marx Generator Trigger question Answered

Is it possible to release the pulse of a marx generator at my own will (after it charges of course)? I was thinking of its possible application in a coil gun, but the fact that the generator pulses automatically would be a problem. Is it possible to create a non-automatic triggering system like a circuit that would allow me to flick a switch and watch the sparks fly?


the discharge is triggered by the built up voltage across the spark gap, so all you have to do is put a switch in series with the spark gaps and just leave it charging until you flip the switch to allow discharge. does that make sense?

for a coilgun you need a nice chunk of energy. the usual marx generator uses very small high voltage capacitors which simply dont supply sufficient energy for a coilgun. the capacitors in plasmanas marx generator only amount to .08 joules the average photoflash capacitor is 4-9 joules