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Massive Lego Ball Machine - *proper* engineering ;-) Answered

My eldest sent me this very satisfying seven minutes of engineering:



I always loved these Lego GBCs, especially the ones this guy makes since they are more mechanical than robotic. But, might I ask why you think Lego creations are proper engineering and Knex ones aren't?

Mainly because comments like that wind up the K'NEXers...


Oh, I see, haha. Neither of them is really proper engineering anyway, though I think complex Knex stuff is more impressive since Lego has so many different elements that make mechanisms easier to build.

In my opinion K'Nex is for engineering stuff like bridges because you can go a long way very quickly but if you want more detail in your design go Lego, it has way smaller pieces that can provide a lot of detail.

Uh... Those are legos... right? Like, isn't this the K'NEX forum, and like (I am purposely talking like a teenager here) isn't this the K'NEX forum? Not to be a stickler, but that video is like two years old, if that helps any.

Nope, they aren't legos, they're Lego, but we don't have a Lego forum, so this was the next best fit.

And the age doesn't reduce the coolness, does it?

Hmm, well, I don't know if I agree with you on the grammar there, but I see where you are coming from. As to the whole age this, I think it has a factor. Do you still think bell-bottoms are cool? LOL

It's a sheep thing.

You don't have lots of sheeps, and you don't have lots of Legos.

(I only wore bell-bottoms the first time around, me and Nelson.)

But could it be a socks thing. If you have multiple socks, you don't just have one sock, you have socks. -.0

You wore bell-bottoms? Wow... just... wow.

It's a brand name, they can do whatever they want with it. Technically we say K'nex for plural, not K'nexes. That's just awkward. Though I would agree that unconventionally I prefer saying Legos when referring to the parts and Lego when talking about the brand itself. It just sounds awkward like saying "look at all my Lego." I guess if it makes you feel better, say "Lego pieces" instead.

And what was a style back then =/= style now. I'm sure our grandchildren will give us crap for wearing hoodies as part of our outfits.

Tsk, tsk! They're not "Lego pieces", they are "Lego bricks." Lego is a sophisticated interlocking brick system, not a toy.(*)

(*) Will Farrell, a.k.a. Lord Business.

Wrong, technically, the have many other pieces than just bricks. Just search Lego Technic.

Wrong, technically, the have many other pieces than just bricks. Just search Lego Technic.

Those contraption are very useful for buildeing ball machines. I often watch them for new lift ideas :)


3 years ago

Cool! Amazing, need I say more?

Ball stuck about a minute in. Fail. I discredit entire contraption.

On a serious note, I really wish I had the resources and patience to work with Legos. They did really interest me more as a kid as a general building toy. So much more control and customization. Anyway, this is an amazing build. Perhaps a bit too many corkscrew-based lifts but otherwise a lot of creative parts.

On a silly note, the part at 1:40 was going -perfectly- to the beat of Shake it Off on the radio behind me at work (an otherwise annoying song), too perfectly.

I don't want to know how much money went into building this mahine from hell, but after checking a few prices I would say you can get a good second hand car for it.

And I have to say it is one of the most complicated way to move some balls, I would have just grabbed a bag for them ;)


3 years ago

That is some serious swagger right there, especialy for being made out of legos(but isn't this KNEX forums? :P) just teasing ya.

See the ";-)" in the title..?

(Oh, and it's not legos, it's Lego, even when it's plural.)


3 years ago

oh wow that's cool

Isn't it just?