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Massive View Spike Answered

Can anyone suggest why the amount of views on my Instructable spiked massively? I notice there is a Top Referers tab in the stats for my Instructable, but this won't load - I was hoping to see if some external site had linked the Instructable as it is a huge increase in views - over 3 times as many views than when I originally posted it. The annotation labels on the images describe whats going on...I hope you can see theses - I couldn't in the preview.

Also, is there a better place to post a question like this. I went into the Questions but there wasn't a help using the Instructables website​ category.


it is probably because instructables posted it on their facebook page and I'm pretty sure the stats tab is supposed to get working in 2016

chrome seems to stop the pop-ups from instructables maybe that was it

It's not a pop-up, there's a sign-up box at the bottom-left of every page, but your email service light dump it into "junk" because it's a mass-mailing.

I mean I pressed the "I'm in" button and nothing happened then I saw that chrome had blocked several lines of code. after I unblocked them it seemed to work