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"Massively Reduce Laser Etching Time" Answered

The guys over at Redtorope.com have been addressing a way to reduce the cost of laser etched/cut projects when having a job done or reduce the wear and tear on one you or your company owns. It's not really a hack or a hardware fix, just an exercise in thinking within the operating parameters of the machine. Really well done and explained in such a way that others will be able to apply to their own projects. Well done fellas! 



Don't know what make laser you're using but Epilog lasers use color mapping to accomplish what rotating did. Simply color your graphics and the laser will burn just that color all the way down before moving over to the next color graphics.

dident work :( mabye i got it wrong

Bit of a slap-to-the-forehead moment, that.

I will let you set up my laser etching before all projects from now on. I do not understand the big machine with the lasers. I bow to your superior knowledge.


7 years ago

Well, that makes perfect sense to me! I guess it wouldn't be a problem if you could etch on both axes, but this seems like a sensible workaround until that feature is added.

Now all I need is a laser cutter.

Just a bit of thought can really help!

Interesting! I wonder if, as laser cutters become more prevalent, whether some of the commerical CAD manufacturers won't start including this as an optimization flag in their packages. The good ones already do optimization to minimize CNC milling waste.