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Master thesis Open Source Hardware-Arduino products Answered

Hi everyone,

I am an Italian student graduating at Bocconi University, writing a final thesis about Open Source Hardware opportunities for users’ innovation - with a special focus on Arduino-based projects.

Consequently, I am collecting the experiences of users who developed AND commercialized their projects based on Open Source Hardware (Arduino and/or similar).Therefore, if you want to learn more about my research, and you wish to collaborate with me for a short interview by email or by phone/Skype, please do not hesitate to contact me at

remo.a [at] studbocconi.it

Of course, at the end of my research - if you will find it interesting - I will be more than welcome to send the outcome to you, given that some results may help you to develop your business.

I really hope to find some of you available to collaborate in my academic research.




Thank you all for your valuable advices!

Not many members commercialise their projects, but you could start by talking to Oomlout.

Good spot - that didn't come up when I was searching for "kits".

At maker store (make magazine) they have some "commercialized" projects, maybe contacting some of them might help?

I think Adafruit also did this.