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Materials Suppliers for CNC type work Answered


I've been digging around for material suppliers for machinable plastics, foams and metals (aluminum, copper, brass). I found McMaster-Carr and got great service and it is next day delivery, but shipping can be expensive. Amazon has acrylics and other polycarbs at sometimes reasonable prices.

Who do you use as a supplier and has it been a good experience?



I am looking for a slightly different CNC related service. A contributer to instructables posted a project that used a CNC to make dies for extruding clay. He made the dies using 1/16" masonite. I don't have access to a CNC nor to the software to write the CNC files. Are there "job shops" or even hobby folks that do this for a small fee for non commercial outputs? In the USA hopefully. I plan to post this elsewhere on instructables' forums in addition to this post. I hope this doesn't violate any forum rules.

You can try http://www.100kgarages.com/
Have you tried seeing if someone already makes it, or maybe contacting the author and see if they'll make you one?

Thanks, I also contacted the author via private message. Awaiting response.

Thanks for info on 100kgarages.com

If all automated efforts fail. I can create these 13+ dies using a scroll saw with Dremel clean up[Santa Claus brought new variable speed Dremel tool].