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Materials for a Cat Motion Detoector System Answered

I have an indoor cat, and I'm just looking for some advice on what materials I should buy to make:

a Cat motion detector system that:
senses when my cat has used the litterbox

wirelessly sends the info to a blinking light on my desk a floor above

has a button on the motion sensor to deactivate itself and the light for a certain amount of time(five minutes) while I clean the box, and then turn itself on after the time has elapsed.

sends a text message to my cellphone(a bit overkill and therefore optional)


You want a technology-alert to tell you that there's some cat-shite needing attention?
Could your nose / eyes not do this for you, or do you rarely go in that room?
I could be completely wrong in my perception here, but I see extreme laziness from where I'm perched right now. And as I read that I think I may sound offensive, but I can't work my head around a different way of viewing this situation, sorry.

If you're not in the room it doesn't matter - if you are and it's a problem, you'll know? Do you give kitty much of your time (considering kitty can't text you to say "I'm hungry")?


I go into the room quite often, I'd just rather not go in there unless there's something to be done, because if I go into there and everythings all spiffy and clean, I just wasted the time I could have been using to build a time machine/mp3 player. 

Not exactly, like I said, I'd just like to know when there's catcrap in the box, so I don't have to waste time checking for it.