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Materials question? Answered

I know it is possible to by "flexible plywood" or "flexible MDF" - sheet material that can be rolled up in a single direction, whilst remaining rigid in the other.

However, I have only found versions that roll with a minimum radius of about 15cm / 6".

Does anybody know of a similar material that can be rolled with a much smaller minimum radius, say only 5cm / 2"?

It doesn't have to be wood, any easily-worked sheet material will do if it can be rolled in one direction whilst remaining rigid in the other will do.


Ordinary wood veneers would do that - Ash/Beech perhaps ??


OK, additional question - I have it in my head that veneers are around 1mm thick - do straight/plain router bits come that narrow?

It looks like they do: http://www.google.com/#hl=en&sclient=psy-ab&q=1+mm+router+bit has a first hit showing 0.8 mm carbide router bits.

Cool, thanks, chaps.

(Summer project plans take a step forwards.)

Oh, it is. Unfortunately, I'm planning something much larger, maybe as large as my head.

Laser etching might be better still, especially if we use a nitrogen feed to stop it charring.

I was at the Mach show at the NEC yesterday - one exhibitor did boring bars 0.2mm in diameter.


Good point - I shall be near a laser cutter in the summer...

"Boring bars"? The bars I go to are usually pretty interesting!


Peroxide will clean up the char. I used that on some laser cut R/C models.