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Math Problem Answered

I need a formula to answer a question such as this:
If a 7 feet 300 lb man can have 24 beers before becoming intoxicated, how many beers can a 5 feet 100 lb man consume before becoming intoxicated.

Or direct me to a site where I might have this answered.

Thanks in advance.


Depends on what you call intoxicated

You missed time factor and blood alchol.

A 5 foot 100 lb man can drink 24 beers and not become intoxicated also at 1 beer a day.

I appreciate the reply, but this is for fantasy; a Leisure Suit Larry type video game.
If a 7 feet 300lb Zubian can have 24 Knarg cakes before he pukes, how many Knarg cakes can a 5 feet 100 lb Zubian eat before it pukes.

...is what I should've said.
What other variables or constants might I need?

Well, if you're building your own physics/physiology, then you can do it as you wish. Volume scales approximately with length^3, so your 300 lb seven-footer is either about 10% overweight, or your five-foot 100 lb'er is a bt skinny (the volume ratios would be (7/5)^3 = 2.74, i.e. 274:100 or 300:109).

It's reasonable assume that blood volume scale with overall body volume, so you could do your intoxication based on the cube of height ratios (so the five-footer could eat 24/2.74 = 8.76). You could also do it purely by mass, if you want your users to be able to figure out the math easily.

The player will not see the maths. The values, I threw in haphazardly. Thank you for both the lesson in math and pulling teeth.

Seriously though, that's precisely what I was looking for. Thank you for your time.

Intoxication scales approximate with alcohol concentration in the blood. It doesn't scale directly with either mass or with height. You don't have enough information in your pseudo-math problem to construct a realistic calculation.

A good start to finding a proper answer to your question would be scholar.google.com, and search for peer-reviewed papers on "alcohol intoxication".

Whomever is making up test and homework questions these days say that this is how kids think. No wonder I cannot help the brat out on her homework anymore. There was this random color association ratio math problem that I was asked to help on. The problem asked for how many grapefruit there were given the ratio of oranges, apples and lemons. I think there was cultural bias in the question as there can be pink grapefruit, grapefruit with orange skin, grapefruit with yellow skin, etc. And that was supposedly vetted by the higherups in the educational system where the teachers couldn't explain the solution.