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Math wiki formatting on instructables Answered

Alright Instructables, I fold. It is with a sense of shame that I must ask: Does Instructables have a method (be a clandestine feature or a workaround) to allow a user to enter formatted math text (ex. summation signs, integrals, greek letters even)? In particular, I was trying to get latex to work (I thought I had seen another user do so once) on the wiki, but thus far my efforts have proved fruitless. Anyone out there know a way to do this?


. You can use sigma, pi, &c, but doing a "proper" summation is not possible (that I know of). You might be able to fake it by entering the top factor on the line preceding sigma as subscript, &c, but alignment will be very difficult.
. Check out Instructables Text Formatting for more info on what you can do. Maybe it will give you some ideas. If you discover anything new, please let myself or kelseymh know so we can include it in the formatting iBle. TIA.

Well, at this point it looks like short of getting Instructables to allow direct implementation of the image macro (which it does not, currently, as you know), there isn't a way to build images into comments in a useful way. What would it take to get the image macro up and running? In other words, is there a way that someone with more pull than I (you or kelsey, for example), could talk HQ into implementing this feature? --Purduecer

. Kelsey and I have communicated to Robot that we think more formatting options would be a big plus. It doesn't appear to be real high on Robot's priority list. I'm guessing that one or more of these are why: 1) Not many DIYers have the need for "fancy" formatting when writing their iBles. Few make use of what's available now. (How many DIYers would even know what summation is? If I hadn't helped my ex study stats for her PhD, I wouldn't. I don't claim to understand it, but I have some idea of what you're talking about.) 2) Not many DIYers would know how to use advanced formatting options. 3) Not enough resources to implement a new formatting system. 4) There's always a few ppl who will abuse it. Large headings and several other options have already been disabled due to abuse. . . Maybe some day, but I don't see it happening soon. :( But I'm not Robot's confidant, so he may have something in the works for all I know. . Post a msg in the Feedback forum requesting more formatting features. Give as many examples as possible of what you are looking for. If enough ppl request it, maybe Robot will move it up the priority list.

As a practicing professional physicist, I use LaTeX all the time (and I am really pleased to find another I'bler who knows it!).

The I'bles formatting engine is crap for any kind of real math or science presentation. You can't do inlined images (which is what you'd need to just render LaTeX into a GIF), and you can't even do entities or HTML math sensibly.

The best (cough) I can recommend is run your document through latexpdf and upload it that way, providing some introductory or explanatory text. Sorry :-(